5 Tips to Get Your Fitness Routine Back on Track After a Holiday


Fay holding fitness weightsI recently got back from holidays and have been caught in a fitness rut. After chatting with my hubby and some friends, I’ve realized I’m not alone in feeling post-holiday fitness ruts. So many of us love holding on to our holiday mode. I enjoy being active, getting out, and feeling my muscles do what they’re supposed to do, so why the sudden urge to just want to do… nothing?

From young, we were taught the importance of routine with set school times, set meal times, set play times, set everything! I happened to be that kid – that kid running late to school trying to beat the 9am bell. Crazy to think that as an adult I’ve grown to love a set routine. And then -INSERT HOLIDAY- plopping it’s free-spirited ass on my ever so proper routine.  Unwind? Blow those stresses away? No laundry? Warm weather? “Finally!” I say, but it’s the coming back part that’s always the hardest.

And so the self-motivation begins.  Here are 5 tips that have helped me get my fitness routine back on track after an oh-so relaxing (ok, lazy) holiday:

  1. Start with something you enjoy most. Giving yourself too many options may make the process of getting back into the swing of things harder. “Should I do this, or try that?” Avoid the back and forth, start with something you genuinely love to avoid procrastination.
  1. Ditch the unrealistic goals. So you’ve just got back and you’re already planning on hitting the gym 6 times a week? Let’s get real, unless you’re a fitness fanatic and already do this on a regular, this is an unrealistic goal to set and it will backfire. You want to avoid all that mental and physical pressure (especially if you’ve been travelling in new climates, different time zones, etc.). Your body needs time to adjust and you don’t want to put yourself in a position of failure if you don’t end up meeting these goals and expectations.
  1. Start slow. No one’s telling you to run a marathon! Remember, you are your worst critic; be easy on yourself and start with smaller reps, shorter runs/walks, or whatever your body is most comfortable with. Once adjusted (in a week or two), go for whatever movement and/or physical activity will make you feel best, keeping in mind to always be safe to prevent injury (safety first my friends).
  1. Stop overthinking it. Why…why must we do this so often?! The thought of wanting to get back on track but then not getting back on track and then overthinking why we’re not getting back on track and then… there it is… that big ball of guilt! It’s time to put an end to the round-about thoughts and crush the guilt by doing less thinking and more doing.
  1. Find ways to stay active on holidays to avoid the post-holiday rut. Last but not least, crush this post-holiday fitness rut by actually being active on holidays. By a beach? Actually go swimming (yes, beach-bum syndrome does exist –guilty as charged). Gone camping? Explore unfamiliar walking trails. Escaping to a snowy cabin? Bust out the winter gear and try a new winter activity. Anything that gets the heart pumping will prepare you for when you get back home; you’ll feel less hesitant to start back up and you may even feel like you’ve never taken a break. Most importantly, you’ll have FUN -supporting not only your physical health but mental health too!

 These tips may sound like no-brainers. Reality is, many of us are burnt out from whatever life has thrown at us. And, although we may thrive in fast-paced, high-pressured work or school environments, our body is smart enough to let us know when it needs a break –enter beach-bum. But, our body also knows it’s important to get active, so let’s work together to hustle for that muscle – who’s with me?!

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