AnneMarie BÖrlind Precision and Care Mascara


My goal to transition to ‘clean’ makeup/skincare continues this week with a natural formula mascara!

My hunt for an everyday natural mascara started several years ago when I experienced a really bad reaction to a drugstore mascara and started researching ‘clean’ options. Makeup wearers tend to have a staple don’t-leave-the-house-without product and for me mascara is the one. It was time for me to give up the whole “beauty is pain” gig and ditch the watery/puffy/red eye provoking mascaras. I knew I was not alone and that there had to be a better option out there.

The Product: 

AnneMarie BÖrlind Natural Beauty Precision and Care Mascara

Having heard good things about AnneMarie BÖrlind Natural Beauty through the green beauty grape vine, it was important for me to explore this brand a little further.  The brand’s Precision and Care Mascara is the fourth natural mascara I’ve tried and so far I’m really enjoying it (more so then any of the other three I’ve tried). The brand offers a few wand variations (I believe four) but this wand (seen in pic) stood out to me the most.

Mascara Wand Close Up


  • This particular wand is all about length and separation. Cha-Ching
  • Made with plant extracts, spring water
  • Free of animal extracts
  • From certified organic farming
  • Washes off easily (which I LOVE!)
  • Doesn’t crease on the lid
  • Doesn’t smell (you know that gross toxic smell i’m talking about).


  • Price range is on the high-end (around $25 CDN depending on where you buy it)
  • Takes a minute to dry
  • Doesn’t come in many shades (would have loved a medium brown)

All ‘n’ all definitely my top natural mascara thus far. I’m excited to try other brands and test various formulas/wands from the natural beauty world. A solid mascara is important to me; I feel it can make or break a morning beauty routine. Most importantly NO MORE watery and irritated eyes!

I picked up this product at The Big Carrot in Toronto, Canada.  To learn more about AnneMarie BÖrlind Natural Beauty and their “Care Concept” visit,

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