4 Tips to Get the Indoor You Out More Often

Fay in front of ski mountainsWe’ve all been there –the comfort zone. We’re tired, want to stay in on our days off, and love any thought of rest n’ relaxation. Living in Canada, these thoughts and feelings can be amplified by the dreary chills of Canadian winter months. And so the question remains, how does one get motivated to get active outdoors more often?

Saying, “today I’m going out” is a start but it may not be enough.  To help keep you motivated and keep those words of inspiration in check, here are

4 tips to get the indoor you out more often:

  1. Make outdoor time a priority. Anyone with a smart phone can add appointment dates with a tap of a button. Why not schedule-in outdoor time?! Go ahead, swipe your calendar and schedule an hour of whatever outdoor activity you enjoy. Be optimistic, check off that little repeat button for a couple times a week to help get you started.
  1. Make it fun, connect with a friend(s). Schedule something simple like a walk or bike ride with a friend. If schedules don’t align, a trick I use with friends (especially in the winter) is turning a call date into a walk date. Bundle up and chat over the phone while you walk, it’s unbelievable how fast the time will fly by!
  1. Look up something out of the ordinary to do. Be adventurous, plan an activity you’ve never done before; hike an unfamiliar trail, ride a new bike path, try a different mountain to ski, or look online for new seasonal local outdoor activities. There’s something exciting about trying something new, use this energy to keep the momentum going. Not only will it be exciting, but the time spent in the new outdoor area will also make it feel like a day-cation! Getting away can be just as important as getting active (win-win).
  1. Research the benefits and let them inspire you. Many have heard it, that voice in our heads telling us to replace screen time with green time. There’s a reason for this. Our bodies are meant to enjoy the sun, experience movement, and take breaks. Anyone with internet access and knowledge operating a search engine can easily find a slew of information on all of the benefits outdoor activity has to offer. Listen to that voice, the research is there; from Vitamin D supporting good health, to increased physical activity supporting mental health. Better yet, let this research inspire you, get out and try it for yourself. Use Tip 1 to track your outdoor time and set goals. Change may not occur overnight but check in on your mood, breathing, and flexibility a few months in and you may be very pleased with the outcome.

No one’s perfect. Some of us work multiple jobs and may suffer from chronic illness, but it’s important to not let the chaos of life stop you from enjoying what mother nature has to offer. The benefits of connecting with nature and getting active outdoors is substantial; from lowering risk of heart disease and chronic illness, to supporting positive mental health, it’s important to spend time outdoors more often.

Have tips you’d like to share? What’s your favourite outdoor place or activity that helps you unwind; a local park, basketball court or the beach? I’d love to hear your words of outdoor wisdom, share with me in the comment section or on social media.

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