5 Ways Heathy Eating Saves Me Time at the Grocery Store

produce aisle at storeOne of the number one excuses for not eating healthy I’ve heard is that it takes up so much time. Honestly speaking, a small part of me cringes every time I hear this, that’s why I’m sharing a few of my thoughts on how it actually saves time in today’s blog. So without further ado, let’s get into this!

Here are the top 5 ways why I believe healthy eating saves me time at the grocery store.

I’m more certain of what foods I want to buy.

Cutting out processed and refined foods means I’m more familiar and certain of the ingredients I want to use in my cooking, therefore making me more certain of the types of foods I want to buy. This way, there’s less room for debating in the middle of the grocery aisle on which food item to put in the buggy.

Less time searching.

Reflecting back on reason #1, when you’re certain of the types of foods you want to buy, you’re less likely to be searching all over the place. You know what you want and most likely where to find it (a.k.a the health and natural food aisle).

No need to wander through middle aisles.

This reason alone has saved me so much time! Did you know you’re more likely to find wholesome, natural ingredients in the outskirts of the grocery store?  I worked in a large grocery store chain for three years when I was a teann and learned firsthand the strategy behind product placement. Grocery stores fill the middle aisles with boxed, canned , foods to make it easier for the customer to search the aisle but at the same time to create a want to explore the next aisle as they turn the corner and subconsciously feel like they’ve got to keep on going. Stick to the outer walls and you’ll be just fine (and less inclined to keep shopping for things you may not need.

Go-to healthy recipes help me plan ahead.

When setting out healthy food goals more often than not I gravitate towards recipes I know I enjoy and make time and time again. I also search and save recipes from healthy food bloggers, nutritionist, etc. that mirror my personal health goals (dairy free, low gluten, unrefined/unprocessed). By creating an online collection of go-to recipes (including housing my own on my blog), I can quickly think about what meals I want to make and/or try throughout the week and purchase items I know I’m going to use; saving me time and most importantly money!

I shop when I know produce is freshest.

If you don’t know this already, every grocery store has a day or days of the week where they receive fresh produce shipments. If you’re trying to establish and maintain healthy eating habits, you’re likely eating a ton of fruits and veggies! Finding out the day of the week where fresh produce arrives at your local grocery store is key.

Now you might be wondering how the heck this saves you time? Here’s the thing, the more times you go to the store on a whim looking for fresh produce that’s not in stock the more time you’re wasting. You know what I mean, that third time you’ve gone in to check if they’ve brought in fresh berries, lettuce, etc – we’ve all been there. Save yourself from the frustration and multiple check-ins, go right up to the produce manager and ask them when their freshest produce shipments come in.

Told you eating healthy could save you time! A little recipe hunting, simple planning, and mindful shopping and you’ve got yourself a solid grocery store visit; saving you time, hassles, and above all keeping your healthy eating habits on track!

Any tips you’d add to this list? I’d love to hear how eating healthy has saved you time! Share with me below or on social media.

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Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

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