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Blogging and any form of web development can be a little nerve-racking at first. I’ve been developing web and social media content for non-profit organizations for almost a decade, but Wellness1st.net is the first website I’ve developed completely on my own and for my own interests. Not having an IT department to support “back-end” hiccups has definitely been a unique learning experience. I’ve gone through a fair share of challenges but the reward of producing something you hold dear is nothing less than exhilarating.

There are many things to consider when building a website. Whether it’s for business or personal interest, various steps and legalities need to be researched. Having a BA in Communications definitely helped me, but it didn’t get me far when it came to the tech side of things. I looked to my professional and social network, Google, and MANY online tutorials to help me get the ball rolling.

As the internet continuously evolves, so does personal knowledge and growth. Simply put, the learning never ends! To bring you engaging content, I have created this page to share tip’bits of info I’ve found helpful. If starting a blog or creating a website is something you’re interested in doing don’t be discouraged, pick up the reigns and do it – you won’t be disappointed!

Helpful websites and online support tools (in no particular order):

The list is continuously growing! Check back regularly to see newly added resources.

Thank you to all, including owners of the published online tutorials, guides, articles, and beyond for their help.

-Photo by Lauren Mancke