Jane Iredale “Lip Fixation” Lip Stain


I have officially found my favourite green beauty lip stain. It took some research and lots of swatching but I finally found it!

It started almost two years ago when I decided that my beauty routine needed a good cleaning, and by cleaning I really mean total revamp! I made the decision to “toss-the-tox” as I like to say and put together an everyday makeup bag free of harsh ingredients. The transition was slow at first but the more I searched the more I found and the more I got to test. There’s a few local health stores that carry a variety of natural makeup lines and I was quick to fall in love with the Jane Iredale brand.

When making the transition, one of my biggest quests was finding products rich in colour and lasting power; especially when it came to lipsticks. I had this misconception of green beauty lip products resembling that of a lightly pigmented lip balm, boy was I ever wrong!

After testing four or five lip products (all good in their own way), I finally found the lip stain that was everything I was looking for.  To help give it an honest review, I’ve broken it down in this review…

Jane Iredale “Lip Fixation” Lip Stain in the shade “Crave”


  • Zero use of petroleum based ingredients
  • Dual-ended lip stain & gloss (both work well together or on their own)
  • Rich colour that lasts (at least 6-8hrs from the times I’ve worn it).
  • Doesn’t blead around the lips.
  • Doesn’t leave lips feeling flaky.
  • The colour “crave” is a rich neutral pink that goes well on any skin tone. Great for day-time and bronzy/smoky eye evening looks.
  • One of my favourite pros… it dries quickly and matte.
  • Lots of great shade options (10 in total).
  • Great size for traveling or keeping in a makeup case.
  • Made from clean ingredients, including various fruit extracts.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Other colours I’m interested in purchasing; Passion, Devotion, Desire.


  • The gloss side of the lip stain can seem a little sticky at first. I don’t use this side often because I prefer wearing this shade matte so the gloss part doesn’t make a huge difference for me but still good to note.
  • After washing off I notice my lips are a tad dry but that’s common with most lip stains.
  • The price ($40) –a little steep, especially if you’re interested in buying more than one shade.

For additional info, check out the full ingredient list and shade options. To learn more about Jane Iredale products visit, janeiredale.com.

Have you used products from Jane Iredale? I’d love to hear about ones you would recommend. Share with me in the comment section or on social media.

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*All reviews published on my blog are at the sole product discretion of yours truly and are never sponsored. Therefore, if I’m excited about sharing a new find, it’s because I genuinely really like the product and have most likely spent a fair amount of time testing it and others like it.

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